I was born in Cape Town, South Africa and moved to the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts just before Kindergarten. Talk about culture shock! After college, I craved sun and settled in Miami, Florida, where I now live with my husband and kids.

Growing up, I played the French horn, guitar, and clarinet (okay, only for six weeks). I also took dance, ice skating and pottery classes and that's just to name a few. I have three younger sisters and a brother, so there was always something going on in my house. My basement was a 'stage' to showcase homemade plays, build elaborate forts and reenact school lunchroom scenes with Barbie dolls.

My first book, Mommy Can I go to the Zoo, was eighty-seven words and only one copy was printed by Mrs. Peterson, my first grade teacher and her trusty lamination machine. That's all I needed to fall in love with writing. But if you ask my parents, they'll say I really got my start taping up "I hate you" notes around the house whenever I was mad at them. After that, I churned out angst poetry and kept a humorous observation journal about daily happenings. In college, I wanted to be a writer and an actor, but eventually the writing side of me took over (and I can barely sing Happy Birthday in tune), so I earned a degree in Creative Writing from Emerson College. From there, I continued my studies at Emerson and received a Masters in Marketing Communications & Advertising. During those years, I was a DJ on the world music show, the Gyroscope at WERS Boston 88.9 FM. I also interned at several commercial radio stations and even wrote public service announcements.

Upon moving to Miami, I worked in copywriting and as a middle school English/Creative Writing teacher before I decided to share my stories full time. After my first son was born, I joined a critique group and finished my novel, For Clarissa's Eyes Only which now remains locked in a drawer. After a lot of hard work, I published my first novel, Shrinking Violet, followed by Indigo Blues and Pure Red. Currently, I'm working on my first historical middle grade novel set in my birthplace, Cape Town, South Africa.

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