“General Author Visit and Book Presentation” – A 45-60 minute general audience presentation on Danielle's road to becoming an author, what happens after you write your book, and an overview of her novels.

“Keeping it Real” - A 45-60 minute fun and interactive classroom presentation discussing the importance of creating real three-dimensional characters. Students will take part in creative writing exercises where the class as a whole will develop their own unique characters to be used in a short story. Utilizing collaborative efforts, students will come up with main characters and plot that will resonate with other readers their own age. Groups will be encouraged to share their stories with other classes to receive feedback on what they created. This presentation is geared toward students in 6th -12th grade and is for groups of no more than 35.

"Going for Your Dream"- A thirty (30) minute motivational talk on following your dream no matter what obstacles you might have to overcome. Danielle will reference her own path to pursuing her dream and that of the characters in her novels. Appropriate for any age, students and adults alike.

“How Can I Become An Author?” – A thirty (30) minute informative presentation for teachers/faculty interested in pursuing a writing career with an optional question and answer period. This can be arranged during the teachers’ lunch period or before/after school.

“Customized Creative Writing Presentation” – A 45-60 minute presentation can be created to fit the needs of your classroom. This presentation can be used as a supplement in conjunction with any language arts unit that the teacher(s) are currently working on with the class.

Pricing: Pricing: Please contact Danielle directly at for rates (usually based on three presentations a day). Schools that have placed any of Danielle's novels on their required reading list can contact her for a discounted rate. Travel costs are additional if outside the South Florida area, however schools are encouraged to coordinate with other schools/libraries/organizations to share in these costs.

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